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My name is Erin Warren. I purchased this business July 1, 2002 and I have enjoyed my job ever since! Animals are my life, literally!

I adopted my first dog in February of 1997 from Humane Animal Rescue Team, Cloe aka Sister. I call her my first born! Then I started volunteering at Operation Kindness shortly after and that is where my animal history all began! I adopted my second dog-child after fostering him, Bruiser. I moved to Richardson and started volunteering at the local animal shelter. I adopted my next two dogs, Ranger and Terry, from the shelter. I was going to adopt them out but they ended up staying with me as one big happy family. I have several animal lovers who work for me part-time, I seem to find them through my rescue work which is a BIG plus!

In August of 2003, I finally got married! :) Boy was he in for treat but he took me and all four dogs! He added his one, Patch, and at the time I was fostering a cutie named Coco, who I rescued from the Dallas Oak Cliff Animal Shelter. Coco stayed and is Patch’s best buddy, he needed a friend since he didn’t like any of my original bunch.

That is my story in a nutshell! I keep very busy with family life, petsitting and my rescue work.


yoyo michelle

Michelle, a transplant from Canada, has been active in local animal rescue for several years. As a foster parent, she loves to help homeless pets on their journey to finding permanent homes. Her family pets include Diego, an 85lb Rottie/Chow mix and Jude, a 45lb Lab/Pit mix. She has an affinity for misunderstood bully breeds.

Michelle has been working for Petsitters Plus since 2013 and primarily takes care of pets in the Allen area. When she is not busy spending time with animals big and small, Michelle enjoys hiking, travelling and hanging out with her kids (the two legged kind)!



Hi, my name is Katrina and animals are my life! I currently have 3 pups of my own and foster when I can. My dogs are my babies and they are spoiled rotten because every dog deserves to be! I’ve been working with animals half my life, and look forward to doing it the rest of my life.